The “Crisis” in Mojacar

I’m the first to admit that I haven’t been out and about much in August. So I’ve been sitting at home reading the forums and hearing everybody complaining about how quiet it is in Mojacar. Yet…… I’ve twice tried to book at Cortijo La Parata only to be turned away because they’re full. (Maybe they just have Caller ID and recognise my number?). Everytime I go into a bar or restaurant recently they seem to Continue reading The “Crisis” in Mojacar

La Cantina Mexican restaurant, Mojacar Playa

There was a time when I was quiet tolerant of feeling a “bit queasy” after a meal out. I would tell myself “it’s the drink” or “maybe the sandwich I had for lunch”. But totting it up, that’s four times this year that I’ve been up at night after a dodgy meal. Once in Meson del Pobre restaurant Turre, after a bad prawn. One in Jaleo (in front) after some heated up venison that even Continue reading La Cantina Mexican restaurant, Mojacar Playa

Carlos Cervantes (ex-mayor Mojacar) fined for slander

Carlos Cervantes Zamora, IU councillor in Mojacar and ex mayor of Mojacar, has been found guilty of slander against the local association “Salvemos Mojacar”, one of the local pressure groups against El Algarrobico. He repeatedly called the association members “maniuplators without shame” and many other unpleasent names, including in a famous interview with “Actualidad Almanzora”, the local newspaper. 2000€ to Salvemos Mojacar, a fine of 1000€ and costs against him was the judgement. This is the Continue reading Carlos Cervantes (ex-mayor Mojacar) fined for slander

Roquetas quietens down

A quiet night in Roquetas, although the Police patrols are still active in the area. Last night a young man was arrested by the Guardia in connection with the death of Ousmane Kote, a young Marroqui (Morroccon) who according to eye witnesses was a “very active” part of the fight that lead to his death, apparantly egging the Gitanos on. Strangely enough, still not one Gitano has been arrested. No word on when they will Continue reading Roquetas quietens down