Vera to host Solar Cooking Promotions

Next 10th of September are the Solar Cooking Promotions in Vera main square (in front of the Cathedral).

Sponsored by Castillo de Tabernas, Silestone and the Association of Chefs & Bakers Indalo, the idea is to promote local dishes, cooked by the sun.

Solar Oven!
Solar Oven!

Chefs such as Sergei Arola (photo), who specialises in this type of cooking, thinks that this is an ideal area to promote this type of cooking, and claims to have “much interest” from local restaurants. With the price of butano….

The public exhibition starts in the main square of Vera at 12 noon, 10th of September. A selection of dishes by different chefs will be made to demonstrate the different types of solar ovens. Javier de las Nieves, another Junta bigwig (Conserjeria de Innovacion) will be there, as this falls under “solar energy”, and will give a speech on “Innovations in Solar Energy in Almeria”. Although I think he’s just after the free food. Chef Juan Moreno will give a lecture at 12.30 on “Solar Power, a unique selling point for Mediterranean Cuisine”, and at 13.00 Chef Antonio Carmona will finish off the festivites with a talk on “Solar Cooking, applications in gastronomy”. All riveting stuff.  

Afterwards, to appease the masses, the food will be cooked (drizzled with Castillo de Tabernas olive oil, IMHO the worlds best olive oil) and distributed to the peasents.

This is all part of something called “Cheffs Tour 2008” which is a touring show going around Almeria to promote unique Mediterranean cuisine. Finishes on 31st of October in the Alpujarras.

(More info in Spanish from

Well, the UK has the AGA… so I suppose it’s only fair that Spain has the solar powered stove. Wonderful stuff. I shall be there and hope you will be too.

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