Roquetas Riots Rumble On

Sunday saw another disturbed night in the “200 Viviendas” area of Roquetas del Mar as roaming groups of North Africans (Marroquis as the Spanish press call them) clashed with groups of ethnic Gypsies (Gitanos). Guardia Civil anti riot police tried to enforce a full curfew in the area as from 22.00 hours onwards, but were unable to prevent several bloody clashes between the groups.

There were also reports of barricades being put up, some of which were charged by the antidisturbios riot police.

Mindful of the last severe race riots that shook El Ejido in 2000 and previous years, authorities have been appealing for calm, while also bussing in police reinforcements to patrol the area 24/7, and also a police helicopter. They are working with local charity and social groups to try to defuse the situation.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the original attack was in a dispute over a drug deal that went wrong. Guardia Civil have not yet arrested the alleged murderer but say they know who he is and are actively searching for him.

Meanwhile, the story has made the BBC (View Story). More good press for the area!

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