Manuel Chaves “welcomes” the Algarrobico judgement

President for life of Andalucia, Manuel Chaves, has said in a statement that he welcomes the judgement against the disputed hotel in Carboneras, El Algarrobico.

“The important thing is to understand that this ruling gives the right of the matter to the Junta de Andalucia. I have not yet had time to read the ruling, but it gets to the rights and bottom of the matter and it is the rights that the Junta de Andalucia has said all along. Anything that speeds up the demolition of the El Algarrobico building coincides with the desires of the Junta”.

He said at a press conference. The man is obsessed with knocking down buildings. I wonder what Freud would make of it?

I wonder what he thinks of the ruling once he read it and saw what the Judge had to say about the Junta? In other news, Carboneras town hall has confirmed it is appealing against the ruling and says that the comments on it’s administration of the licences were unfounded. The opposition PP party have called on the Mayor to resign, and say they are looking into a vote of no confidence in his administration.

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