Man (maybe English) sets himself alight in Chirivel

Last Saturday evening, a gentleman who the police suspect may be a 63 year old Englishman who lived locally, about poured petrol over himself and set himself alight in the Rambla of Chirivel. The resultant fire set light to a field which had to be put out by the Albox fire crew. Police are awaiting the results of dental records to identify the corpse. (View story in Spanish) Not sure why this has only surfaced Continue reading Man (maybe English) sets himself alight in Chirivel

Restaurant Los Pastores, Cabrera, Turre

August has been a busy month for me. A trip to Galicia, and the resulting death threats from the 16 year olds with a Galician (Galizian?) grandfather from Manchester and Birmingham. Lots of traffic, lots of work, lots of play and not much time to go out and enjoy a decent meal. Not that you can really get one in August, anyway. Plus the fear that one of the 16 years old may have been Continue reading Restaurant Los Pastores, Cabrera, Turre

Roquetas still “no go” area in places

Just watching some rather disturbing images, live, on “Espana Directa” from Roquetas del Mar, of large groups of Police and Guardia Civil roaming the streets with large sticks and hitting black people – any groups of Africans are being broken up as soon as they form. Local “subsaharanos“, or sub Saharan as the press are now calling them, once they realised that Africa is more then just Morrocco, have denounced that they have been condemned Continue reading Roquetas still “no go” area in places

Vera to host Solar Cooking Promotions

Next 10th of September are the Solar Cooking Promotions in Vera main square (in front of the Cathedral). Sponsored by Castillo de Tabernas, Silestone and the Association of Chefs & Bakers Indalo, the idea is to promote local dishes, cooked by the sun. Chefs such as Sergei Arola (photo), who specialises in this type of cooking, thinks that this is an ideal area to promote this type of cooking, and claims to have “much interest” Continue reading Vera to host Solar Cooking Promotions

Manuel Chaves “welcomes” the Algarrobico judgement

President for life of Andalucia, Manuel Chaves, has said in a statement that he welcomes the judgement against the disputed hotel in Carboneras, El Algarrobico. “The important thing is to understand that this ruling gives the right of the matter to the Junta de Andalucia. I have not yet had time to read the ruling, but it gets to the rights and bottom of the matter and it is the rights that the Junta de Continue reading Manuel Chaves “welcomes” the Algarrobico judgement

Roquetas Riots Rumble On

Sunday saw another disturbed night in the “200 Viviendas” area of Roquetas del Mar as roaming groups of North Africans (Marroquis as the Spanish press call them) clashed with groups of ethnic Gypsies (Gitanos). Guardia Civil anti riot police tried to enforce a full curfew in the area as from 22.00 hours onwards, but were unable to prevent several bloody clashes between the groups. There were also reports of barricades being put up, some of Continue reading Roquetas Riots Rumble On