The curious case of the stolen drugs

The Guardia Civil lept into action when they received a phone call saying that a man had been hijacked in Adra – as he drove out of a petrol station a car slammed in front of him, and four armed arm bundled him out of the van and drove off.

They found the van in Granada later that day, being driven by a 71 year old man. They proceeded to stop and detain the vehicle. However, when checking the back of the van, they discovered 778 kilos of hachis in the back.

Checking the CCTV of the petrol station, they could see that the drugs were in the van then. So they have also arrested the person who was hijacked.

The Guardia admit they haven’t got to the bottom of the case yet, but think that when the original driver was hijacked, he panicked and called the police in order to be able to tell his bosses that he was doing something to get the drugs back.

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