New Abortion Law to be ready by end of 2009

Minister for Equility Dª Bibiana Aído has announced the formation of a committee to advise upon the drawing up of a “completely new” law for abortion in Spain. It will be comprised mainly of experts from the fields of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Penal Law, and is charged to be a “forwards thinking” as possible, taking into consideration the most progressive trends in international law. The new law will be thought out for and charged with Continue reading New Abortion Law to be ready by end of 2009

Google Chrome

Just installed and started to use Google Chrome, the new browser from Google.  It’s… interesting. Just a browser. They expect the webpage to do everything for you. I just don’t know how comfortable I am with Google being 100% of my browsing experience. A little too much control over my life.

The curious case of the stolen drugs

The Guardia Civil lept into action when they received a phone call saying that a man had been hijacked in Adra – as he drove out of a petrol station a car slammed in front of him, and four armed arm bundled him out of the van and drove off. They found the van in Granada later that day, being driven by a 71 year old man. They proceeded to stop and detain the vehicle. Continue reading The curious case of the stolen drugs

More rambling letters to “The Editor”

To return to my recurring theme of rambling letters that have missed the point printed in the local press, a long letter in this weeks “Euro Weekly” about a gentlemen down in Cadiz who installed his own gas oven and gas boiler which then – predictably – exploded due to his dodgy gas connections. Much pain, suffering, destruction of his house and three months in hospital, etc. Finishes with an impassioned plea to everybody to Continue reading More rambling letters to “The Editor”