Antas Fiestas

Fiestas in Antas! Starting this Friday, with all the usual noise and excitement.

The difference with the Antas fiesta is the pleasent walk/drive out of town on the Saturday (starting at 12 noon) when the statue of the Virgen is taken out of the church and born aloft to the top of the “Cabezo Maria”, which is the old building you can see ontop of the hill to the left as you drive towards Antas from Los Gallardos (there is a nice little picnic area at the bottom of the hill). For those of you that want, there is a free shuttle tourist bus going between the different main areas of the parade.

This is an ancient part of the fiesta, and the final struggle up the hill to the top is considered to be something all Antusos have to do at least once. Even if they have improved the track up now. The statue stays there until 20.00 hours, and meanwhile there will be a number of games and races in the picnic area; the statue is then born again aloft back to its church until next year.

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