Cantoria demonstrations

On the 18th of Sep there will be a peaceful march through the village of Cantoria against the demolition of expat homes in the area. It’s hoping that all expats in the area will be present. There’s an excellent call to arms from Lenox over at his website Spanish Shilling. Read it and get ready for a small walk and make new friends.

Antas Fiestas

Fiestas in Antas! Starting this Friday, with all the usual noise and excitement. The difference with the Antas fiesta is the pleasent walk/drive out of town on the Saturday (starting at 12 noon) when the statue of the Virgen is taken out of the church and born aloft to the top of the “Cabezo Maria”, which is the old building you can see ontop of the hill to the left as you drive towards Antas Continue reading Antas Fiestas