Almeria fiestas – the weighing up

Almeria fiestas have ended, and depending upon who you listen to, were either well behaved or too dangerous to walk the streets; full of fun or full of drunken aggressive youths; a financial success or a financial sinkhole; well planned and executed or simply a bunch of drunks in a corner.

I started to read all of the different accounts of it, trying to form an opinion, then realised that every since press release was tailored to what the political party ¦ asociacion de vecinos ¦ commercial group ¦ friends of the earth ¦ whatever thought it should have been like. Not one seems to correspond to reality.

I shall go with the group who I saw on local TV news staggering home, stating their happiness with the almeria fiestas 2008. If you’re interested, go to and type in “fiesta almeria” into the search box to see all the nonsense spouted.

End of the day? Excluding a couple of crimes of passion, there seemed to be no violence, lots of fun, lots of money was spent and everybody seems happy. Jolly good.

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