Almeria airport crime scares?

I’ve heard a (first hand) report that while picking up some friends from Almeria airport on Monday, a fellow was surrounded by (Eastern Europeans?) who tried to stop him. He avoided them, but then discovered that somebody had also slashed his tyres. (It’s possible, I suppose, that they were warning him about the slashed tyres, although his account of events says that they were aggressive in nature). Being too scared to stop, he returned back here Continue reading Almeria airport crime scares?

Small, flying, insect repellent proof fruit flies

While sitting here enjoy the evening breeze through the windows, we were suddenly inundated with a small cloud of fruit flies. Within seconds the lights were covered in them. Running and closing the windows I grabbed the flyspray and liberally applied it. Killed about 80% of them, which means my living room floor is now covered with a carpet of them. The other 20% are still flying around happily, ignoring the chemical waves of flyspray. Continue reading Small, flying, insect repellent proof fruit flies

Mayor of Polopos (Granada) collapses while on hunger strike

The mayor of Polopos-La Mamola, a small village in Granada, has been on a hunger strike since the 18th of August in an attempt to bring public attention to the new local financing mecanism designed by the Junta de Andalucia. Pedro García, (Agrupación Socialista Independiente party) said that repeated requests to meet with Andalucian President for life Chaves or Prime Minister Zapatero had been rejected, so he had no recourse but to take this drastic Continue reading Mayor of Polopos (Granada) collapses while on hunger strike

Why the press coverage of the Madrid Disaster shocks us

 The Anglo in Hispanic blogosphere (,, and other) has been buzzing with suggestions that the Spanish media coverage of the Madrid Air Disaster is because of some unique Spanish trait. Well, I disagree. I don’t think it’s because of a TV programme in the 90’s, or because of pent up frustration after the Franco years or because of a uniquely Iberian curiosity towards death and destruction. I think it’s a perfectly normal attempt by Continue reading Why the press coverage of the Madrid Disaster shocks us

Caparros will meet with AUNAN reps about demolishment of British homes

According to  Luis Caparros, the swine who knocked down the Priors house, built large scale electric pylons everywhere, gas pipes, approved the POTALA and generally ruined the area (and, by the way, got a promotion for it – he’s now the head of Housing and Territorial Organisation of Almeria) has promised, under intense media scrutiny, to meet with “los ingeses” (not all of them, just a “Janet & Frank Doel”) to reassure them that Continue reading Caparros will meet with AUNAN reps about demolishment of British homes

It’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend it.

Rarely have I read a more insightful article than this one from Libbey Purves, writing today (25th August 2008) in The Time. Read it here. It explains, in a clear, concise, unable to quibble way, just what is wrong with not just Blairs’ Britain but the modern Europe of today. I’m not even going to comment on it, she just… pins it down 100%.

“Eat Rats” says Indian Minister

Found on the BBC (click here for full story). An official from the Indian state of Bihar has come up with a new idea to encourage low caste poor people to cope with food shortages – rat meat. Vijay Prakash, Principal Secretary of the state’s Welfare Department, said that he was making his proposal after much survey and groundwork. He pointed out that the “extremely poor” Musahar community are rat eaters by tradition. He argued Continue reading “Eat Rats” says Indian Minister

You wouldn’t steal a car… would you?

 Golly gosh and Bernard Baker, but how I hate that Orwellian “we are watching you” advert at the beginning of all DVDs. “You wouldn’t steal a car!” it proclaims. Well, how the devil do you know I wouldn’t steal a car? You’re a Hollywood movie executive. You don’t know me. Here I am, drunk at 4 in the afternoon, eating a 350€ jamon pata negra, in my underwear, on a sofa with the fan on, Continue reading You wouldn’t steal a car… would you?

Almeria fiestas – one dead already

Almeria fiestas have started off badly, with an anonymous phone call directing police to the body of a 38 year old man, found at about 21.30 last night in the Paseo de la Caridad, just behind the fair. Police have refused to comment on the case, and it is not known if it is related to the fair or a previous feud. He is believed to have been battered to death with a blunt instrument. Continue reading Almeria fiestas – one dead already