Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain (2)

Ever since my original post about the Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain, which I notice that several blogs have picked up without giving me credit, I have paid close attention to what is happening with them.


The bloke running it is http://www.goulbournassociates.com/, a hairy fellow called “Bill” (William Thomas) Peterkin (a photo here http://www.independent-spanish-property-guide.com/the_team.html). He is “administrador unico” of Brires s.l. and gouldourn-mata s.l. Claims to have been running for over 10 years, but latter company was constituted 27/09/2002, and is currently under “cierre de hoja registral” which I gather is when the registrar of companies suspends activities for any of a dozen reasons. Probably for not filing annual accounts as I was unable to bring any up.
Brires s.l. was founded in 1995, but, and I don’t know why, seems to have been inactive until 2006 when old Bill named himself administrator and activated it.
I found the following comment by him on a message board (and similar on others): “I completely agree with Paul´s comments. You should always use an agent, and if they are British make sure they are Members of the Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain www.FBEAS.com It has enhanced our imsge tremendously since we joined, with clients knowing that we have to abide by a strict code of Practice. I would recommend it to any British Estate Agents working in Spain and the fees are for nothing. Bill Peterkin, Manageing Partner
Goulbourn Associates Real Estate “
Why yes, I was bored this morning. Gotta love that net. So he’s pretending to be a satisfied member of the Federation without disclosing the fact that he’s also the owner?.
Now, if you´re going to setup an association called the “Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain”, set it up as a Federation and not as an SL. The word “Federation” implies a government registered not for profit association – a Sociedad Limitada is a for profit limited company.
And don’t sell properties via your own MLS system on the back of that. It’s unethical. How can the customer be assured that you are going to carry out your high faluting promises of your “Code of Practice” if it’s being run as a “for profit” company? If you want to, setup the Federation and then use the list of members to invite them to join a seperate MLS to share their properties, that way the end consumer can be assured that there is no conflict of interest (as you could belong to the MLS but be thrown out of the Federation, or Federacion as it should be known).
Also, how can it be ” the professional body that caters solely for British Estate Agents operating on the Spanish mainland and Islands”? How do you define what is a “British Estate Agent”? The obvious answer is that it regulates UK based estate agents that operate also in Spain – or are there estate agents in Spain that cater only to the British, and if an Irish person walked in would be sent away?

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  1. I am probably one of those bloggers, but I did give you credit (albeit a little late I accept and apologise for!!).

    It certainly seems to have created some interest as you will see from the comments left by Bill on my site 🙂

    Would love to link or use this latest post in my post as a comment – show the combined might of bloggers 🙂

  2. I saw that. I also left a comment on the original post regarding the article we posted as at no point was I ever banned or removed from the site, as I had never joined in the first place!!!

  3. Eeeyup! Go away for a couple of days and everything changes.

    Can’t act in their own defense – so they go and threaten legal action, no doubt.

    Here’s an idea: Fancy setting up own OWN proper Federation called “Federacion de British Estate Agents in Spain”, then complain to consumo and have them closed down? 😯

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