Fire in Mojacar

From my current location out in the sticks behind Turre, I can see a large plume of black smoke coming out of Mojacar village.

It is, of course, fiesta there. And I see that at 17.00 hours was the “Magic tricks championship”. Maybe something went horribly wrong? Or did the fire eaters on later tonight have an accident while warming up?

Either way, if the fire´s up in the village then it´s going to be difficult to get a fire engine up there. The whole place seems blocked up with the fiesta stands.


Reports are coming in about the fire. It was a souvenir shop, Angela, the large two story one, in the Plaza Nueva of Mojacar (the main square). 20 people were evacuated by local police and firemen, nobody was injured. There was “extensive” damage to the shop, and Lenox reckons the place will have to be demolished. Mind you, he has no love towards the place.

Mojacars first insurance fire, me wonders?

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  1. My mum lives in Mojacar and I’ve heard that a fire has started up over there this evening hitting the village.. Have you heard any news? I’m in the UK and can’t find anything… Would appreciate any news.

  2. As per Michelle, has a very quick phone call from my parents who live not too far from the gas station (which is on the trafficisland on the road up to Mojacar village). They heard via a loudspeaker message patrolled in the streets to say that the immediate area should be evacuated. Our English/Irish friends living next door have also been evacuated with their daughters.Any news PLEASE

  3. Hi, my parents live in mojacar and have been evacuated due to their campsite being surrounded by fire. I cannot find any info on it but am speaking to them every hour. Old mojacar is on fire and all of mojacar has been evacuated. They are in Gurrucha on the beach which took them 2 hours to get there. They have lived there 14 years and i am devestated. I very much doubt they have a home to go back to.

  4. Does anyone know are the roads clear to get out? My daughter is in Mojacar and we told her to travel to friends in Alicante?

  5. Had phone call about an hour ago from Dad saying that the mountain was on fire! Heard what sounded like dozens of sirens whilst on the phone and then he had to hang up because the police were evacuating.
    He has just rung back to say that they’re OK and that everyone from his apartments seems to be evacuated to beach path near the restaurant that used to be ‘Antonella’s’ (not sure what its called now).
    Apparently the sky is red with flames and the air thick with smoke but evacuation plan in action before it spreads any further and the immediate residential areas seem safe. At the moment it seems contained to dry shrub land on the mountain/hills above mojacar playa.
    Sorry , don’t know anymore (only found this website because I was looking for more info). If I hear anything else I’ll post again

  6. Tricia / Simon thanks for letting me know that. I got through to mum 10 mins ago and she is down by the playa seems they have to evacuate to now as its moving from the village! I’m gutted for them its such a beautiful place but still uneasy as not sure which direction Mum is heading too… will let you know if I hear anything. Hope all your love ones are safe and well

  7. Spoke to my parents who live just down from petrol station, they are still in house but fire is very close, have been told to stay in house till police come to evacuate.. waiting to here more news.. anyone got anymore info????? last spoke to them at 22.00 spanish time..

  8. My wife is staying near the commercial centre and they left about 70 mins ago. The fire was roughly a mile away and the sky was red.
    As they are located near to the beach some people have decided to stay at the minute. There was a helicopter overhead looking at the fire but there seemed to be no police or fire engines around. There is a small hospital and most were taken about 2 1/2 to 3 hours ago. A lot of Spanish people were flapping with their suitcases at the ready. Loads of cars were heading to Garrucha…The road was chocca for the past 4 hours.
    The heat was 40 C and there was the stench of smoke and ash was in the air. There was a mass exodus of cars just like you see in a film.
    I just hope the fire doesnt destroy Mojacar (Garrucha hasn’t been touched!!!).
    I am booked to go there in mid August…I will be there whatever happens.
    Good luck to all of those there.

  9. Hi, just spoken to parents still in Gurrucha. Most people are heading for the beach and its 41 degrees and windy so fire moving fast. Petrol Station has gone up in flames, but they dont know whats going on. They just have to wait. Lets just hope people are safe. 10.00pm.

  10. As far as i know at this moment the fire is on the mojacar side of the mountain largely all though parts of the mountain on the turre mojacar side are still burning.. I would like to re-assure people about this kind of Fire. It is not a Forest fire its a Bush fire… which means it moves fast burns quick but as a rule doesnt do much damage to property as it has little time to get a hold on anything especially with the winds as strong as they are. That in its self a actually great relief because if there was thicker stuff to burn even though most houses over heard are made completely from concrete etc.. they would burn. I was up in Cortijo Grande and Cabrerra just Yesterday after the fires there and u would be amazed at how little structural damage there was considering the size of the fire and over 6000 hectares of land destroyed only 5 buildings lost.. so try not to worry too much there are No reports as of yet of fatalities 23:16 spanish time

  11. Hi, everyone, have just spoken to my sister who lives in Mojacar and is currently with friends in a bar on the beach. currently there are no roads safe to travel on mostly because of smoke and panic drivers. There are alot of helicopters, guardia and military around helping people. they are evacuting road by road starting with those closest to the fires, most people are being told to stay in the house because of smoke inhalation and will be evacuated in turn, probably by air. They had a similar fire last week and there were very few injured. Spain is very used to dealing with fires like this and they are working quickly and efficiently. Please make sure that your family and friends have got all their documents with them, passport etc, even if they live out there. And anyone on their own should find a close neighbour or head to the beach, make sure they have a wet flannel over their face and nose until they get to somewhere safe. And don’t panic if you can’t get through to them straight away. signal can be poor out there and lots of people out there are checking other family and friends who are in mojacar are safe 1st.

  12. we were evacuated from cabrera to turre around 6 oclock have now returned to cabrera where there are some small fires burning at the top of the mountain, but have been told it is safe to stay but to be vigilant.

  13. Robs right about the type of fire, my mum said the same thing when i spoke to her an hour ago. (she works in Mojacar but lives in Albox). She assures me that the shrubbs that are burning will burn out quickly, there isn’t much in the way of trees, and all structures made of wood and straw, as some are out there will have been doused in water hours ago.

  14. cant get hold of my parents now how far has the fire got now? its 1030 in england.

  15. Just come off phone to parents & they still not been told to evacuate… at min they say fire seems to be keeping on other side of there road at the back of petrol station.. fire engines there & keeping it at bay for now, they said it is not as windy & that seems to be helping..

  16. update from my sister 2mins ago, (23.43 Spanish time) Winds have dropped. There are no more helicopters as too dark BUT they are sending buses to help evacuate. There are 2 Roads open, now tell family to head for either Carboneras or Vera. Village is gone, paratar too, playa evacuted, The Lua is open on the beach if anyone wants to go there. There are now more police too. Most of Mojacar has been evacuated and the fire is creeping, but she says it seems calmer now.

  17. fire engines are limited because there are 10 other fires going on in the area, Mojacars is the 3rd largest but they are doing everything to hold it at bay. she seems to think they will get it under control, and everyone will be safe. She hasn’t been asked to evacuate either, ans she says she can still see alot of houses that haven’t. it may be that the fire is more under control then before?

  18. Just spoken to my son, who had arrived for a holiday in our Mojacar home. He had difficulty getting there, Spanish Police were stopping people from entering Mojacar. Our house is near the Commercial Centre, just at the back and slightly to left. My son has decided to stay with his family, as it looks like the fire is going towards the Indalo end on the Mountains, the wind has eased, and the fire seems to be a little quieter, he said it looks quite spectacular. Everyone appears to be safe and they seem to have everything under control, so I don’t think there is any worry about people’s safety, if you’ve got friends or relatives out there. A lot of the scrubland is black, so it shouldn’t burn again!

  19. Just spoke to Sister, Mum & Dad evacuated from La Parata…they don’t think they will have a house to go back to. Sister is near seafront and is able to stay there for now. All alight behind Indalo Hotel & on La Parata. Military assisting & most people awaiting news on seafront.

  20. 23.22 BST – does anyone know if it is safe to walk along the beach road from Gerrucha to Mojacar? my daughter has just arrived and she says the police won’t let them take the car in, so they are walking. Bit of a trek I guess burt would like some reassurance if any one knows anything re beach road.

    Val – which way did your son get in?

  21. Jeremy, I wouldn’t let her walk that way, if my memories correct, it takes you past the petrol station and the Parka commercial which are currently in flames, can your daughter stay in Guerrucha for the night?

  22. Family are on holiday along the coast (Pueblo Indalo)
    They’ve been evacuated as well. Any updates on that area of the region? I hear the fire was capping the mountains at the back end of the complex.

  23. She is with friends – just heard that she has arrived safely – thanks for the advice anyway!

  24. Just spoke to sister in mojacar, gonna call back in a mo, she may head to Garrucha, did the whole of the La Parata go up?

  25. can anyone tell me what it is like in turre…. specifically the area by the bowling club as my aged step mother is there and i cant get hold of her

  26. I took my daughter to work @ Limon y Menta @ 8 pm & all seemed normal; however it took me 2 hours to travel from Mojacar to Garucha. Later in the evening the road was clear & my daughter had little problem getting to Garucha where I picked her up [ she did not see Mojacar Comercial on fire & we have since spoken to a friend who works in the commercial centre who says all is fine. Message timed @ 1,00 am 24th. View from Bedar says fires are easing.
    She is expecting to go to work as normal tomorrow.

  27. Glad your Daughter is safe, it’s worrying when you’re not sure how bad things are, and you’ve got loved ones there. Hopefully things will be better soon, and they’ll all enjoy their holidays.

  28. So, can someone clear up a few details about how bad things are? What is the current state of Mojacar Village itself?

  29. My son sent us a fone pic which showed the fire was to the left and behind the village, and the fire seems to be travelling left and away from the village, (looking from the near the Commercial Centre area). So hopefully things are not too bad in the village Colin.

  30. Thanks for the update Val. I had heard sketchy reports that the village was ablaze. Would be a terrible loss, have been on holidays in the region several times, always loved the views from the plaze there.

  31. Re: Mojacar – Latest update seems to indicate La Parata and around the Pueblo both still ablaze. Fire swept through valley behind Playa but no major structural damage to villas and now moved away.

  32. I’ve heard the Spanish Authorities have been very good at making sure everyone is safe, so I’m sure your Stepmother will be ok, Karyn. If there was any uncertainty, she will have been evacuated to somewhere safe. Hope you hear some news soon to stop you worrying, but as I said earlier, the fire seems to be moving away from that area and dying down, according to my son’s phone message.

  33. I have an appartment on Puerta Marina behind Indalo Hotel. Any news of the fire at that end of the Playa. What is the truth re the village…conflicting reports and what is the scale of any damage in Mojacar…thanks

  34. Hey Val

    Ben here. Matt’s there in Mojácar is he??? My dad’s up in Bedar with Janet and Jim. Mum’s in England as you know. Thinking that where they are maybe the house copped is pretty bad. That whole valley went up appartently. My hope is that due to the type of fire- bush fire – that it won’t burn buildings too badly. Dad was able to get Tere out but not Luna nor the cat. We’ve all got our fingers crossed for them. Love to all and please let me know if you get any more news.

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!

  35. Hi Ben,
    Sorry I don’t know your family, I must be a different Val!
    I hope your Dad and family are coping ok, and as you say, with it being a bush type fire, it should burn itself out quickly and with little damage to properties.

  36. Wow! There are 2 Val Thomas’s in Mojácar!
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. My folks live in the campo in the valley behind the village. That whole area has been devastated apparently. If the cat and the dog make it I’ll be happy, if the house survives I’ll be dancing a jig! I’m in Madrid, I’ll be heading down either tomorrow or the day after. Hope you and your’s are ok.

  37. I think I’m glad to be in the UK and missing all this excitement, hopefully everything will be it’s usual happy relaxed state, in Mojacar, soon.
    I do hope your cat & dog are ok, as well as the house, Ben.
    Perhaps, one day, us Val’s will get to meet!
    I hope all the worried folk get good news in the morning. Goodnight

  38. how are things out there this morning, have the fire eased, is there much damage etc.

  39. We have friends staying in Mojacar, Los Atalayones area. La Parata is just behind them. They called last night around 21:00 to say that everyone had been evacuated down to the playa and later around 22:00 people had been directed to Carboneras. Does anyone have any updates this morning

  40. 8.04 spanish time. Have just spoken to parents who have tried to go from Turre to Mojacar but have still been stopped. Friends have been able to go back to there apartment on the playa but the village is still ablaze. Commercial centre is intact but they are just waiting to be able to return. most people still on the beaches.

  41. 07.10 GMT. We have friends staying in two villas near the Maridor del Mar, Mojacar. One family fled with hoards of others on the road past Carbonera towards Almeria in the evacuation last night and are safe in a hotel. The other family slept in a car on the beach and have now returned to the villa. Having just spoken to them I can report that the police have left and roads are open in the area. No sign of damage in the immediate area, only one plume of smoke can be seen from the roof towards the Parata area. Still smell of smoke and the occasional helicopter. All appears well this morning though no news further afield. Thinking of everyone out there.

  42. We have recently returned from Mojacar and experienced the previous fire which fortunately didn’t reach the Playa. Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Mojacar. We have friends living there who were also evacuated last night – I am still waiting to hear from them.

  43. hi, my parents are in holidays in mojacar – they are staying in puerto marina. they were evacuated last night to a school in garrucha, but are due to go back to mojacar about 10.30. apparently the fire is under control now.

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