Fire in Mojacar

From my current location out in the sticks behind Turre, I can see a large plume of black smoke coming out of Mojacar village.

It is, of course, fiesta there. And I see that at 17.00 hours was the “Magic tricks championship”. Maybe something went horribly wrong? Or did the fire eaters on later tonight have an accident while warming up?

Either way, if the fire´s up in the village then it´s going to be difficult to get a fire engine up there. The whole place seems blocked up with the fiesta stands.


Reports are coming in about the fire. It was a souvenir shop, Angela, the large two story one, in the Plaza Nueva of Mojacar (the main square). 20 people were evacuated by local police and firemen, nobody was injured. There was “extensive” damage to the shop, and Lenox reckons the place will have to be demolished. Mind you, he has no love towards the place.

Mojacars first insurance fire, me wonders?

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  1. My parents live near Calle Los Angeles, they were evacuated last night, but have returned this morning, although there is alot of black dust around, their house is untouched…. thankfully they are ok, the playa is unaffected apparently it didnt come down that far.

  2. Family now back at La Parata and their villa is relatively unscathed although fire damage all around. The speed of bush fire and efforts of the fire services seems to have left most properties scarred but still standing. Hope all others are as lucky and are OK…09.45 GMT

  3. Hi, I’ve trawled various sites and the situation appears to be that as of this moment the fire(s) are under control as the wind died to almost calm early this morning. Obviously, should the wind increase, then it would be sensible to grab valuables and head away from the smoke to safety.
    The fires seem to have spread amongst the scrubland in the hills behind Mojacar Playa, from Puerto Marina to Marina de la Torre, but appear to have stopped in the dry river valley where the new relief road is being built. Flames apparently reached the football pitch and close to the petrol station. It seems that isolated properties and La Parata were most affected, hopefully only a “flash” so scorched and not destroyed in the main…
    Ash is again falling all over the area and the scale seems worse than last week.

    If it has been beaten, well done to the Authorities for a well planned evacuation plan.
    Yet again, the biggest thanks go to all those involved in the fire fighting. I can only guess at how dangerous it is, with flames able to jump across and cut you off. To do it in full fire fighting gear and 40 plus temperatures…. well!!
    Respect to you all and thanks for doing a good job.

  4. i have family staying in apartment puerto marina rear of indalo hotel.They have now returned and say all is well.

  5. please dont stop putting postings up as it is the only way to stay in touch… i left my house in turre yesterday morning and my aged step mother is there… please up date on the size of the problem in Turre

  6. my sister is staying in apartments on the outskirts of marina del a torre, smoky with ash falling on patio, haven’t been evacuated but told to stay indoors – says main problem seems to be around pueblo n playa

    also says authorities doing a fantastic job keeping everyone informed and safe

  7. My son sent another fone pic from the back patio, which is behind and a little to the left of the Commercial Centre…..the sun is shining and couldn’t see any smoke! I think all is starting to get back to normal, still a strong smell of smoke. I hope all the folk over there have a better nights sleep tonight!

  8. Having spoken to friends over there throughout today things seem to be getting back to normal. Its such a relaxing and calm place I can’t imagine the panic last night! I hope all the folk over here have a better nights sleep too Val- we were up most of the night trying to make sure that friends were ok – We felt totally useless just keeping up with what was happening through this site. Thank you to everyone who posted, it was a great help and one of the only sources of information for us and our friends. Lets hope it’s all over for them.

  9. can anyone tell me if the campsite el quinto is ok at Mojacar, we stay there in the winter and are worried about the owners and campers.

  10. Alan, my parents are on “camping el quinto” all year. They are Ruth and David Atkin. The site is ok but fire engines are still putting out flames behind site. My parents van is still there but a few people have lost everything, Hans being one of them. The fire went up the road beside. Everywhere is burnt, no water or elec but everyone is ok. The site will probably be closed for a while. Going to speak to them later.

  11. Tricia – el quinto. Glad to hear your parents David and Ruth are Ok, we winter with them. We are trying to track down Steve and Barb, without any success, have you any info them or any other permanent campers?

  12. ok have driven through mojacar to turre .. the Napiers place is gone as is Colmans .. yes as in colmans mustard to be honest most of damage has been done to land not property yes some houses have been lost .BUT and this is this is the big BUT… not one person died…. there were many peeps taken to hospital with breathing probs but no deaths

  13. Hi Steve, Barbara and Steve are fine. They walked back to the site on the Thursday eve via river bed, typical. They stayed with Galia and Hans to make sure fire kept away from mum and dads camper van as they couldnt get any where near. Nobody else on site at present so all ok. I will let them know you have asked about them.

  14. Had a phone call from someone who belongs to Turre Bowls Club, Karyn, if you are still waiting for news of your Stepmother. The Bowls Club survived undamaged, but of course all the land behind is badly scorched. Your Stepmum would probably have been evacuated and may have suffered with smoke, but nobody was badly injured or died. Phone masts were badly damaged, perhaps this is why you hadn’t heard. Hopefully by the time you read this, you will have had some good news!

  15. thanks val…. actually i have heard from everyone who lives there and all is ok. no one was evacuated and the bowling club is in tact… it might be that the indalo bowling club was damaged as i think the fire went very close to that…. but thank you very much for still keeping an ear out for info.

  16. So pleased all is ok, you can now stop worrying…..and think about your next holiday in Mojacar!

  17. Camping el Quinto is perfectly Ok. 1 persons caravan & van were burned, the area affected is less than 1% of the Campsite and situated by the edge.
    Nobody (no clients) apart from some Staff were present during the end of the fire, everybody returned by Friday morning once the streets were open again and all fires were put off.

    The area around the Campsite is affected, the Campsite itself is intact and open, business continues as always. Electricity, water, phone and internet are working again and we are happy to welcome you.

    Best regards,
    Camping el Quinto

  18. We were all very lucky,our Winnebago was situated only 5metres from where the fire was stopped,thanks to the
    efforts of Staff members who managed to get back in the night,and douse the flames,not as previously stated by Steve!!!!

  19. I am going to Peurto Marina Apartments in 2 weeks time and im just wondering is it ok over there and are all shops and reustrants ok?
    Hope all the locals and tourist are ok
    love Key x

  20. Puerto Marina (along with the rest of Mojacar) is back to normal, with no problems and cleaned ready for YOU!!!
    You can just see some evidence of the fire around Mojacar Pueblo, but otherwise everything OK.
    Theres not much scrub left to burn now, and the Town Hall arranged a text book evacuation which very impressively handled. My daughter and her sons have just returned from PM and had a great time. It’s hot, hot, hot though!
    Just come and have a great relaxing holiday!

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