Almeria airport crime scares?

I’ve heard a (first hand) report that while picking up some friends from Almeria airport on Monday, a fellow was surrounded by (Eastern Europeans?) who tried to stop him. He avoided them, but then discovered that somebody had also slashed his tyres. (It’s possible, I suppose, that they were warning him about the slashed tyres, although his account of events says that they were aggressive in nature).

Being too scared to stop, he returned back here and has only just presented a denuncia to the Guardia.

I’ve seen a few stories recently in the local press about attacks on unlicensed taxi drivers (it’s assumed by the licensed ones) and local opinion seems to be that the Guardia are quite happy to allow the taxi drivers to take the law into their own hands in this matter.

Any first hand stories? Is the Almeria Airport car park an extension of Pescaderia (in which case we either arm ourselves or use Murcia) or was the gentleman in question mistaken for an unlicensed taxi driver?

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