Almeria airport crime scares?

I’ve heard a (first hand) report that while picking up some friends from Almeria airport on Monday, a fellow was surrounded by (Eastern Europeans?) who tried to stop him. He avoided them, but then discovered that somebody had also slashed his tyres. (It’s possible, I suppose, that they were warning him about the slashed tyres, although his account of events says that they were aggressive in nature). Being too scared to stop, he returned back here Continue reading Almeria airport crime scares?

Small, flying, insect repellent proof fruit flies

While sitting here enjoy the evening breeze through the windows, we were suddenly inundated with a small cloud of fruit flies. Within seconds the lights were covered in them. Running and closing the windows I grabbed the flyspray and liberally applied it. Killed about 80% of them, which means my living room floor is now covered with a carpet of them. The other 20% are still flying around happily, ignoring the chemical waves of flyspray. Continue reading Small, flying, insect repellent proof fruit flies