Mayor of Polopos (Granada) collapses while on hunger strike

The mayor of Polopos-La Mamola, a small village in Granada, has been on a hunger strike since the 18th of August in an attempt to bring public attention to the new local financing mecanism designed by the Junta de Andalucia. Pedro García, (Agrupación Socialista Independiente party) said that repeated requests to meet with Andalucian President for life Chaves or Prime Minister Zapatero had been rejected, so he had no recourse but to take this drastic action. Sadly, in excitement over the Madrid air disaster, this seems to have gone almost unnoticed.

While he originally planned to stay on his hunger strike until the 31st, he collapsed today and was rushed to hospital. His condition is unknown.

The Mayoress of Balanegra (Adra) ordered a five minute silence in the town hall in his honour this morning, the first in Almería to do so.

Well done that man! But you may be overdoing it. Drink lots of water and bedrest.

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