What a wonderful scam!

Just read about this one on the forums and am lost in admiration for the fellow who thought it up. It’s as if Jeeves had turned to crime.

A number of Brits in the Albox area have been returning to their old, UK plated bangers, to find an official looking notice, in English, warning them that they are driving UK plated cars with expired UK tax discs. It continues to say that the Guardia Civil has fined them €100, payable with 5 days or their car will be impounded, and gives them a bank account.

Naturally enough, this is not an official form from the Guardia. But a few people have paid the “fine”. No doubt to a bank account with false details.

Thing is, since they are driving illegal, dangerous and uninsured cars around, they can’t very well make a denuncia. Social justice, I call it. That’ll learn ’em!

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