Jam session at the Kimrick

I´m told that there will be a once off (with free admission) night at the Kimrick on Wed 3rd September called the Jazz & Blues Jam. The Basement Cafe used to do them but will not be reopening in the winter. 
All musicians and singers able to jam with the house band are welcome. They kick off a bit earlier than before, at 8-30pm, and plan to finish at 11-30.  Jim on piano, Graeme Jaye will be on guitar, and they’ve still to sort out a bass player as Robin’s still away.  Miss Ellen Turner will be singing, plus of course whoever else turns up on the night to jam with us.

So if you fancy a jam, there’s the place. Contact “highlandboogieman” over on costaalmeria.co.uk forums (http://www.costaalmeria.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1219660347/0#0) for more info.

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