Caparros will meet with AUNAN reps about demolishment of British homes

According to  Luis Caparros, the swine who knocked down the Priors house, built large scale electric pylons everywhere, gas pipes, approved the POTALA and generally ruined the area (and, by the way, got a promotion for it – he’s now the head of Housing and Territorial Organisation of Almeria) has promised, under intense media scrutiny, to meet with “los ingeses” (not all of them, just a “Janet & Frank Doel”) to reassure them that despite sending them a letter in June telling them to knock their house down “or the Junta would do it for them” their house is safe.

The house is in Cantoria and one of the many houses threatened with demolition by the Junta. Don’t forget this is the bloke who knocked down the Priors house, then authorised the construction of over 130000 houses right next door.

After intense media pressure (all Spanish) there has been much backtracking by Caparros, who now says that there was an initial mistake in locating the house and the house is in a legal position.

Frankly, I’m amazed nobody’s run the bastard over. He must be the only politician in Europe who doesn’t want his face in the papers.

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