Almeria fiestas – one dead already

Almeria fiestas have started off badly, with an anonymous phone call directing police to the body of a 38 year old man, found at about 21.30 last night in the Paseo de la Caridad, just behind the fair. Police have refused to comment on the case, and it is not known if it is related to the fair or a previous feud. He is believed to have been battered to death with a blunt instrument.

And this morning at 7.40 another phone call to 112 directed police to the aid of a young man within the fairgrounds, who had been badly beaten up in what police suspect was a drunken fight.

Apart from all that, good fun.

Updated 25th August: The deceased has been identified as an Italian of 21 years of age, from Torino, called Daniel M. He was travelling around Spain in an Italian motorhome with Evgeniya E.K.M, a 21 year old Russian, Davide D, 25 from Italy, and Luca M. 25 and also from Italy. These last 3 have now been arrested on suspicion of murder by the Guardia Civil. In their defense they said that the the deceased died after a tragic accident, but after forensic examination of their motorhome the police proceeded to charge all three.


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