Champagne makers experiment with lighter bottles!!!

 Worrying news from Pernod Ricard, who have started to trial a new lighter version of it’s G.H. Mumm bottles. The traditional bottles of champers weigh about 2 kilos when full, of which 900gr (almost half) is the bottle. The rising cost of transportation and glass has made the big champagne makers wonder about breaking the final taboo – the traditional champagne bottle.

G.H. Mumm has sent out a trial version of some 2.5 million bottles, weighing some 65 grams less. No complaints, no breakages, no accidents, so they have sent a proposal to the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne) to ask that the new bottles be officially adopted.

Modern technology means that the traditional shape of the bottle, designed to withstand the great pressure of the fermenting wine inside, could in theory be made a heck of a lot lighter.

While 65 grams may not sound like much, some people are worried. “It shall end up being shipped out in Tetrabriks next” whined one wine critic.

Actually, I’m with the critic on this one. It’s the thin edge of the wedge. Shave 65 grams off, next thing you know it’s a wine bottle, then it’ll come in little plastic bags like Larios Gin on a Ryanair flight, and yet another little taste of luxury has vanished to our modern, cost conscience world. It’s like selling roses in an old newspaper.


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