N Korea develops a special noodle to stave off hunger

Is anybody else surprised about this technological development that has just come out of North Korea?


“North Korean scientists have developed a new kind of noodle that delays feelings of hunger, a Japan-based pro-Pyongyang newspaper has reported. The noodles were made from corn and soybeans, the Choson Shinbo said. They left people feeling fuller longer and represented a technological breakthrough.”

“When you consume ordinary noodles (made from wheat or corn), you may soon feel your stomach empty. But this soybean noodle delays such a feeling of hunger,” it said on its website.

Hmm… strikes me “chef” might be a better word then “scientist”, but still. Possibly their efforts might be better directed towards fixing the economy rather then writing these press releases. And our time and effort might be better spent asking them to fix their economy and agriculture rather then patting them on the head, saying “good communist” and sending another box of rations over.

Also, is anybody else worried about the nutritional value of these things? Corn and soybeans? You can bet they aren’t putting the best bits of the corn in. Still, if their best minds are working on this then I suppose we don’t need to worry too much about them building the bomb.

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  1. Just like to point out a typing error. It should read “than” instead of “then” because you made that mistake twice. I would rather have sent this via your contact but I can’t seem to get past the security check as it keeps saying wrong.

  2. Good heavens above, you’re right. I do apologise and thanks for pointing it out.
    Thanks for telling me about the contact, I shall check it at once.

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