Almeria Civil War tunnels reopen to the public

The Civil War tunnels which where finally opened, with much fanfare, to the general public last year were closed again in June this year when a number of leaks were found.

Anyway, they have now been reopened to the public. They are the original restored tunnels, about a kilometer of the 4,5 originally constructed, that were designed to protect the civil population of Almeria against the constant attacks of Germans and various factions.

You may remember that the whole project was delayed for about a year when they tried to make them wheelchair accessible, then closed again when it was realised that wheelchairs could go in, but because of the configuration couldn’t get out again with out getting stuck. In the end some special wheelchairs (extra thin) were brought at vast expense.

So, you can get in. I’m told it’s well worth the effort. €2 p.p, Tuesdays to Sundays. Tlf 950268696.

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