“Find Madeline McCann” emails

A rather long and pointless email turns up in my email today, from a group “affiliated” with the Find Madeline McCann association, calling themselves HTFM. It’s rather long and it’s in Spanish, but it asks questions like “Were you in Praira do Luz at the time of the kidnap?” and “Were you or a relative working in the Ocean Club at the time?”. And the final one, “do you know where Maddie is?” Sorry, but Continue reading “Find Madeline McCann” emails


123 comments. Over 1200 unique visitors, and well over 4500 “hits” if one uses the language of the SEO expert who is trying to sell you something. In 48 hours. This isn’t bad. All because of one comment about Gallego. Thank you Axe Grinder, you’re a lovely bloke. Also an idiot, but in the end it all worked out OK. The adwords revenue has almost paid for half a days hotel in Galicia already. I’m Continue reading Whoah!