Campohermoso enters the Guinness Record Book

Campohermoso has entered the Guinness Book of World Records by making the worlds largest Gazpacho, 4520 litres of the stuff to be exact. It was also “ecological”, which round here often means “not quite as many chemicals as I put on last year”. 200 volunteers helped to make it, and it was served in a very large bowl. José Angel Sierra García, from the Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid (Madrid Senior School of Catering and Tourism) developed the recipe and organised the mixing.
Erica Holmes-Attivor, the Guinness Rep, consulted with a doctor and a Ingeniero Técnico Industrial (Industrial Engineer) as to the properties of the Gazpacho before handing over the certificate.
It had, and these were all sourced locally, 3.600kgs. of tomatoes, 400kgs. green peppers, 400kgs. red peppers, 700kgs. cucumbers,400kgs. onions,  50kgs. garlic, 29kgs. salt, 200 olive oil, 70 litres vinager. So now you can make it at home.
No news on how it tasted, nor on who ate the stuff. It was done as a publicity stunt for Campohermoso vegetables. As you can see from the photo, strict health and safety rules were adhered to, as all 200 volunteers wore hats and white overalls. Even if it was mixed in a huge vat, outside, on what looked to be a very windy day.

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