Albox finally gets an emergency number – or does it?

While reading the salicious details of the fight between Bob P and his detractors (and now Lenox?) on I noticed a post saying that Albox now has an emergency number you can call “in case of emergency”. 092. The post seems to suggest that Albox is unique and modern in doing this.

Actually, 092 is the national hotline for the local police. Whereever you call from, Telefonica should put you through to the Policia Local. I’m sure it doesn’t always work – but it’s supposed to! All Albox has done is signup to the national register so if you call from a landline you get put through to the Local Police HQ in Albox rather then the central switchboard.

Here’s the list for all emergency numbers in Andalucía, should you care to write them down:

General Emergencies: 112
Guardia Civil: 062
Policía Nacional: 091
Policía local: 092
Fire Brigade: 080 
Ambulance: 061 
Civil Protection: 1006

The 112 number is a generic emergency number (like 999 in the UK). This works from any EU country, such as the UK, France, Germany, etc. You get put through to an operator who assesses your needs and transfers you to the department you need. If you don’t speak Spanish I would suggest you call 112 directly as they should speak English and French there.

If you run a bar, you should ask at the town hall for the Local Police number, most town halls provide a card with the mobile number of the local rozzers on it. So if it all kicks off you call old Pepe directly on his mobile and he comes round on his scooter. Saves getting the Guardia involved, if they’re local lads they’ll appreciate this discretion when they sober up. And if you call the switchboard, again, it’s logged. If you’re in Turre the number is 617467423.

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