How to open and run a bar in Spain

  ***The following is a tongue in cheek story, based on many, many, many true stories***  It appears to be the British dream. Give up a well paid job in the UK, fly over to Spain, plough all of your children’s inheritance into a bar, run it for a year, then retire off the earnings. They call it a dream for a reason, you know.   Location Choose your location well. In practice, this often means either Continue reading How to open and run a bar in Spain

Minister stakes shirt on Olympics

I do love a good story like this one. Minister Gerry Sutcliffe has bet his shirt on one of the fiercest rivalries in world sport: Britain v Australia. The sports minister promised to wear the Old Enemy’s green and gold if Team GB is beaten in the Beijing Olympic medals table. Meanwhile, his Australian counterpart is offering to don red, white and blue if Britain does better. In 2004 Australia won 49 medals and Continue reading Minister stakes shirt on Olympics

The Ecoheroes vanish for the summer

Remember everybodies favourite green grannie and family, fighting against the evil of Co2? The EcoHéroes? Well, much sniffing going on at the moment about how they’ve all buggered off for the summer. Instead of being on the beaches educating us about switching off lightbulbs and the like, they seem to have gone to ground and have not been seen. No doubt indoors, with the a/c turned up high. Mind you, I just had a thought Continue reading The Ecoheroes vanish for the summer

Registration of prepaid telephones

As from 8 November 2009, all prepaid telephones must be registered to an owner. Otherwise, they get disconnected. All prepaid phones must be registered to an owner when you buy them as from now. This is, of course, to prevent terrorism. However, I do wonder how difficult it would be to falsify one of those NIE police A4 sheets and take it along with you when you buy your phone?

Albox finally gets an emergency number – or does it?

While reading the salicious details of the fight between Bob P and his detractors (and now Lenox?) on I noticed a post saying that Albox now has an emergency number you can call “in case of emergency”. 092. The post seems to suggest that Albox is unique and modern in doing this. Actually, 092 is the national hotline for the local police. Whereever you call from, Telefonica should put you through to the Policia Local. Continue reading Albox finally gets an emergency number – or does it?