This summers hot trend is…

Bringing in big name (at least nationally) singers or groups to play in the local fiestas. While there has always been a circuit for semi famous groups to go around during the August fiestas, this year the local councils in Almeria seem to be competing to get the biggest and the best.

Why, just this week we’ve seen Manu, Venga Jazz, La Jaula, La Caja de Pandora & Alann Bique play. Yes, I know you haven’t heard of any of them, but these are people who actually sell CDs in El Corte Ingles!

A mayor who will remain nameless (but had a certain connection with a large, somewhat “smelly” housing development in Los Gallardos – yes, that one!) told me once that the secret to winning elections was to make sure the market works and the fiesta was fun. PSOE seem to have taken his wise words to heart.

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