Digital TV (TDT) is coming!

Television digital terrestre (TDT), or digital TV, is on the way. They’ve just turned off all analog transmitters in Soria, which according to malicious gossip was chosen because they only received one channel there anyway.

We will loose analog TV channels here in the region on the 30 june 2009. Which is less then a year away! The Cuevas del Almanzora transmitter has already gone over to digital, leaving Mojacar as the analog broadcaster, which has caused problems in some places. Nationwide analog broadcasting is switched off on the 3rd of April 2010.

To get TDT you need a digital antenna, and a freeview box. Some modern digital TVs claim to incorporate these. It’s actually quite good, I’m currently getting 25 channels and they often broadcast the original soundtrack (called BSO in Spanish) on the second language channel. So you can watch the Disney Channel, for free, in American. God knows why you’d want to. But you can also watch quite a few films and imported programs in English.

You can also buy a little USB dongle that will pick up digital TV and play it on your laptop.

The bugger with digital TV is that if the antenna isn’t quite right, or a bird flies in front of it, the picture freezes and breaks up. Or the sound goes all wobbly. I can imagine this could be fun if you fall out with your neighbor and have access to his antenna.

For info on TDT, visit the MITyC Digital TV information website at

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