Eh? Galician? That’s not a language!

Thinking about escaping the rat race for a few days, I was idily visiting a few Spanish Tourism websites about the northwest coast. Now here’s a funny thing – all the “official” tourism websites for Galicia come up in that strange dialect of Castellano they call “Galego”. And to make sense of what they’re saying, you have to click the “translate to Spanish” button. Why? I’m going there on holiday, so of course I don’t Continue reading Eh? Galician? That’s not a language!

Find the cheapest petrol station!

Ain’t Spain wonderful. All this paperwork, from all over the nation, just so that I can find out that a litre of ’95 costs 1.160 in a petrol station in El Ejido, but 1.183 in Mojacar. The Ministry of Industry and other macho things publishes the price of fuel from every petrol station in Spain.