Vera gets drinking water.

Vera town hall is crowing about how their new water service is the first in the Levante to obtain a “potable” classification by Sanidad. Meaning you can now safely drink the tap water in Vera. Nowhere else of course, as Galasa continues to pump out it’s mineral laden brownish sludge.

Congratulations. Let’s see if this makes Galasa invest in some new water filters.

As you will remember, last year the mayor of Vera (Partido Andalucista) completed on his promise to seperate his water network from Galasa. Thus causing Galasa (HQ in Vera, BTW) to put the water rates up to annoy him.

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  1. Hi – I just got back from 3 weeks at our new house in Alfaix – totally wonderful in so many ways. Howver, I am curious re the tap water thing. The water pressure in Alfaix was very strong and an English neighbour told us we get it from the aquifers. Does this mean it is good/bad or worse?? I sued it for tea, etc but we stuck to fuente water for cold drinks.

  2. You sued it? I’m curious, how did you get it into the courts? 🙂
    To the best of my knowledge, Alfaix is on the same water as Los Gallardos, ie GALASA water. You can drink it, but it’s mineral contents are outside EU limits so it’s classified as non potable.
    The Aquifers in the mountains, in theory, are pure spring wells coming out of underground rivers. So you can see up above Cabrera several small hamlets with their own springs, which you drink as it comes out of the water. Try Los Moralicos fuente, it’s wonderful and pure, up at 900m above sea level. Locals send the occassional sample off for testing at their own expense, but it seems pure enough.
    With the lowering of the water table in the area and the explosion in population and agriculture I wouldn’t trust untreated water from the valley floor. Even Turre, which traditionally had wonderful spring water, has had to switch supplies in its taps due to the drying up of springs.
    The Turre and Mojacar fountains (fuentes) are supposed to be pure spring water, and I don’t think it’s treated, as it comes straight out of the ground, down the pipes, and into your bottle. I believe it’s tested weekly to ensure potability.

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