Vera gets drinking water.

Vera town hall is crowing about how their new water service is the first in the Levante to obtain a “potable” classification by Sanidad. Meaning you can now safely drink the tap water in Vera. Nowhere else of course, as Galasa continues to pump out it’s mineral laden brownish sludge. Congratulations. Let’s see if this makes Galasa invest in some new water filters. As you will remember, last year the mayor of Vera (Partido Andalucista) Continue reading Vera gets drinking water.

Federation of British Estates Agents in Spain

So…. recently looking up some estates agents who have all been boasting of being 100% legal, 100% reliable, etc. As proof of this they seem to be offering up a fancy looking logo of a business called “Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain”, which states that it is “the only professional body dedicated solely to British Estate Agents in Spain, the professional body intent on raising the standard of service in real estate practice Continue reading Federation of British Estates Agents in Spain