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Strange. The last few months have seen a number of my old “favourite” restaurants reopen, either with the same owners, old format, or new owners, old format. And Orsoca restaurant in Turre is just the latest to arise from the ashes.

I last reviewed Orsoca last year, when it was without doubt one of the worse run, and foulest restaurants in the area. (See previous review). Sinking to the depths of deprivation, the “management” (I use the term loosely) erected large garish hand written signs advertising such excitements as “Sky TV” and “Pints 1.50€”. To the fury of local residents.

Anyhow, eventually their money ran out and they departed. I made a bid for the local, but lost out to a very pleasant young Spanish couple from Alicante who have just reopened. She serves, he cooks. No hard feeling, I know how much the rent is and it hurts.

It was with trepidation that I ventured back one lunchtime for, obviously, lunch. I pottered around, in surprise. The place has been heavily redecorated, in exactly the same décor as before. The new owners were very sniffy about how they found the place. I say nothing, except to mention that the phrases “deep steam clean”, “a lot of it” and “a small skip” were mentioned. The place is spotless now, and when I sneaked a peak into the kitchen it shone like a small sun.

They have done their homework, and Maria the Matriarch has guided them well. The menu is a mixture between a decent a la carte and a raciones menu. Decent tapas on the bar counter as well. I forgot to ask if they charge extra for the tapas with drinks or if they are included. Should they be included then Mr Jackson and assorted friends will be a firm fixture at the counter.

We went for the old formula and ordered a selection of raciones to share. They were, in a word, delicious. The Jibia was the best we have tried all year. Salad, the cuttlefish to which I previously alluded, sardines, magra and more were delivered. Bloody delicious, well cooked, well presented and, again, delicious.

I shall try it once more before recommending it unreservedly. I do want to give the main meals a try.  But hey, so far I like it. And it’s a pity that Adelina, which isn’t overly good, is full when they aren’t. So go on, give them a try.

Restaurant Orsoca, Turre
Av Almeria, 36
Turre 04639 Almeria (up the main road toward the cemetery, on the left in front of Adelina).
Tlf 950 479 132

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  1. Ate at this restaurant on 9th August 08 – it was the worst meal we had eaten in our two week stay – I had lasagne which was so over-cooked it could not be eaten – unless I wished to have my teeth replaced following the meal. The lady who obviously owned the restaurant was not the approachable type that you felt you could make any comment to concerning the food and the welcome was the worst experience we have had in the area (perhaps they had all had a bad day) – A bit unfortunate that this was our last evening of our holiday – overall I would not recommend eating here until the food and atmosphere improves!

  2. I loved the old old Orsoca [hence we now frequent Tito Paco] and was sorry to see the state it was in last year.
    New year new owners – thought we’d give it a try – the steak was awful and most was taken for our neighbour’s dog! Similarly the chicken. And as per SS’s comment, the lady was most certainly standoffish and her english waitress was pretty short with us when we refused for the 2nd time an offer of coffee or postres!
    I do agree with you tho – why is Adelina always full? Apart from weekly lamb and couscous day its pretty mediocre.
    Meson Del Pobre, Jaleo and Tito Paco are my faves!

  3. yo estuve en el restaurante orsoca este verano y comprobe por mi mismo el giro que ha dado este restaurante con los nuevos gerentes en los ultimos 4 meses los cuales conoci y son unas personas trabajadoras y atentas con sus clientes. comimos muy bien, con atencion y ademas los precios son asequibles. ahora de nuevo podemos pasar tardes agradables en el orsoca

  4. ^John^ said: “I was in Restaurant Orsoca this summer and could see for myself the turn around that this restaurant has had with the new owners in the last 4 months, who I know and are very hard workers who are very attentive with their clients. We ate very well, with good service and also the prices are very good. We can now again pass agreeable afternoons in the Orsoca”. [translation mine! 🙂 ]

  5. My wife and I have used the Orsca since 1998 when Maria was in charge and your were asked if you wanted ‘FEESH or MEET’ (fish or meat). When Maria left it went down hill quickly. Since Juan and Lary took over in mid 2008 I think they have gone from strength to strenth and I hope they survive the present climate. The food is varied and even now March 2009 they are upgrading the menu and wine list. The tapas are always fresh and are changed daily. We had friends staying with us from Galicia and I asked Juan to put on suckling pig for a party of 6. The food was excellent and reasonable priced for non menu food. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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