Huerta Nueva Sewage Problems

2015 update: Mr Waddell has requested that I point out that this was a problem from the summer of 2008 caused by over usage of the temporary sewage solution then in use. I helped to transmit the concerns of several residents to the townhall and Maria, the Mayor, pushed through with the definitive solution. The problem was, according to my emails from back then, caused by full sewers which then backed up when the urbanisation was busy, and probably aggravated by the backwashing of the pools. Mr Waddell also points out that “as for cholera there has been no case of this disease in Europe since the early 70’s in southern Italy. Likewise for typhoid – both these disease have been thankfully restricted to Africa and Latin America.”

Not a lot happened over the weekend, with the exception of an interesting conversation with a denizen of Huerta Nueva, Los Gallardos, the BMS Huerta Nueva development in front of Los Gallardos. He was telling me that they have been having terrible problems with the sewage plant next to Huerta Nueva, and indeed has seen raw sewage running down the streets. People choking in their beds, I am told; cholera and typhoid runs rife.

“They” say that BMS promised that the sewage plant was supposed to have closed by now, but seeing as to how the Garrucha plant is full I can’t see how Los Gallardos town hall plans to get rid of it. And the projected new sewage infrastructure they want to put in across Los Gallardos will probably only make the problem worse, unless an upgrade is included in the plan.

Leaving aside a joke in bad taste about it being Los Gallardos’s attempt to rival Veras’ fountains, I was wondering if any of my loyal readers had any gossip or comments about the problem?

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  1. Where on earth do AULAN and you get all this fictional material and what is the motive in broadcasting it?

  2. Don’t look at me, I know nothing about AULUAN or any of these groups. All I know is what the good but irate citizens of Huerta Nueva tell me. One of them is a good friend of mine so I know he has no axe to grind with me when he tells me about the problems!

  3. As an owner on Huerta Nueva Aulan’s comments on running sewage in the streets, cholera and typhoid is absolute rubish and my guess is that your mate Aulun is winding you up.

  4. Please could you remove this blog. Its old gossip unverified and unhelpful to present day residents. Many thanks

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