The De Juana Case

The “De Juana” case After the transition to democracy, Spain implemented a maximum jail term of 20 years. This was, as you can imagine, was an important point for the young democracy, used as it was to indefinite sentences for any offenses, real or perceived, against the fascist regime. When the politicians decided to extend this period, the argument they used was that certain crimes, such as terrorism, national or islamist, deserved longer sentences. One Continue reading The De Juana Case

Restaurant Orsoca Turre

Strange. The last few months have seen a number of my old “favourite” restaurants reopen, either with the same owners, old format, or new owners, old format. And Orsoca restaurant in Turre is just the latest to arise from the ashes. I last reviewed Orsoca last year, when it was without doubt one of the worse run, and foulest restaurants in the area. (See previous review). Sinking to the depths of deprivation, the “management” (I Continue reading Restaurant Orsoca Turre

How to live dangerously

How to Live Dangerously: Why We Should All Stop Worrying, and Start Living In a similar vein to the book Freakonomics (A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything), How to Live Dangerously is a wonderful book whose power lies in making you think. It’s a “take a step back” look at modern life, and perhaps it’s most potent theme is that taking risks often makes life safer. If you’re one of those people Continue reading How to live dangerously

Huerta Nueva Sewage Problems

2015 update: Mr Waddell has requested that I point out that this was a problem from the summer of 2008 caused by over usage of the temporary sewage solution then in use. I helped to transmit the concerns of several residents to the townhall and Maria, the Mayor, pushed through with the definitive solution. The problem was, according to my emails from back then, caused by full sewers which then backed up when the urbanisation Continue reading Huerta Nueva Sewage Problems

Roquetas beach guards save a young girl

Three cheers for a sharp eyed volunteer Roquetas beach guard, who saved a young girl (12) from a broken back when he spotted the danger signs, after she dived head first into a half metre of water. He insisted upon keeping her floating in the water in the recovery position for 15 minutes until a specialised ambulance turned up. Doctors say that if they had dragged her to the beach she would have been paralysed for Continue reading Roquetas beach guards save a young girl