Eduardo Roca painting exhibition in Cuevas

A collection of paintings by award-winning artist Eduardo Roca will be exhibited at the “Villanita” in Avenida Barcelona in Cuevas del Almanzora. The exhibition, entitled An Uncertain Journey”, has been organised by art expert Miguel Servera, the Director of the Sa Pleta Freda gallery in Mallorca and forrner director of the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Servera took on the restoration of Villanita with the aim of opening its doors after 20 years for events Continue reading Eduardo Roca painting exhibition in Cuevas

Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain (2)

Ever since my original post about the Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain, which I notice that several blogs have picked up without giving me credit, I have paid close attention to what is happening with them. So… The bloke running it is, a hairy fellow called “Bill” (William Thomas) Peterkin (a photo here He is “administrador unico” of Brires s.l. and gouldourn-mata s.l. Claims to have been running for over 10 years, but latter Continue reading Federation of British Estate Agents in Spain (2)


Bullfighting It’s an emotive subject. Hate it or love it, everybody’s got an opinion about it. The general stereotype given out by the Brits about the Spanish is that Spaniards don’t care about animals. Urban myths and real stories have combined in the public imagination and generated a belief that all Spaniards will either eat, work to death, kill for fun or ignore animals. Possibly, for the “Older” generation, this might be true. To a Continue reading Bullfighting

Telefonica falls down on Firefox

Despite spending over 440 million euros on R&D last year, and a further 37 million on their webpages, both and fall down when being viewed in Firefox or non IE browsers. In fact, they don´t pigging work when you start using the advanced functions. Broken interfaces and unusable buttons because of badly scripted webpages. I tried to send them a complaint, but, of course, their complaints form doesn´t work in Firefox. Eventually found Continue reading Telefonica falls down on Firefox

Fire in Mojacar

From my current location out in the sticks behind Turre, I can see a large plume of black smoke coming out of Mojacar village. It is, of course, fiesta there. And I see that at 17.00 hours was the “Magic tricks championship”. Maybe something went horribly wrong? Or did the fire eaters on later tonight have an accident while warming up? Either way, if the fire´s up in the village then it´s going to be Continue reading Fire in Mojacar


So, together with the brother in law, I popped into the “Oficina de Extranjeros”  in Almeria. To get his NIE, of course. We queued with a lot of… shall we call them “non EU citizens”? Lovely fellas. Pity the majority don’t seem to know about deodorent. Still, they smile a lot, even if they don’t seem to have all of their teeth. After about 45 minutes, we got called up to desk 47. A very Continue reading The NIE

Now that the UK TV rebroadcasters are being shut down…

Does ANYBODY need all the free UK papers in Spain to print all the TV listings every week? Is there anybody with SKY TV who hasn’t got the TV listings at hand by pressing “TV guide”? After all, when the TV people were rebroadcasting UK TV channels over analog or microwave systems, there was a (minute) justification for printing all this nonsense. Now that they are being shut down, who is bothering to pick up Continue reading Now that the UK TV rebroadcasters are being shut down…