More cops, more speed traps

Summer has arrived along with another bunch of the boys in light green from the Benemérita. Almería gets the lion portion of new Guardia Civil recruits from the current promotion, 81 in all, which brings the total Guardia numbers up to 1100 across the province. Heavens only knows what they’re all doing, surveying up in the Almanzora valley no doubt.

And, no doubt making use of the boot of the lorry they shipped them in, they brought a further five speed traps to catch out unwitting motorists. They have been tossed unceremoniously on to the side of the road at:

  • A-334, KM 49,87 (Autovía del marmol, as it goes through Purchena)(Speed limit 60 km/h)
  • AL5105, KM 29,8, (between Carboneras and Venta del Pobre)(Speed limit 50 km/h)
  • A1050, KM 11, (El Ejido, on the motorway exit towards Las Norias) (Speed limit 90 km/h)
  • AL3115, KM 3,4 (Cabo de Gata road via Fabriquilla)(Speed limit 100 km/h)
  • N341, KM8,45, Mojacar – Carboneras road.(Speed limit 100 km/h)

There will eventually be a total of 11 speed traps in Almeria, and there are currently 2 working. If you get caught, you get fined. If you don’t receive the fine or don’t pay it, then it slowly accumulates until you sell the car, and then you get done.

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  1. I went looking for them today while distributing, but missed ’em. You’ve got nºs 2 and 5 back to front. The N341 trap is apparently just in towards Venta del Pobre from the turnoff back towards Agua Amarga at Km 8.45. I was told in the Harley Dee’s by the nice lady that there is a warning sign. The Mojácar one AL 5105 is, I think, on Mojácar beach east in front of the buh buh Best hotel. I’m told there’s a camera whose job is to watch the speed camera (and presumably anyone brandishing a hammer).

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