Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)

´Twas Maters birthday. I promised to make no jokes about this year, so that is all I shall say on the annual event.

However, seeing as I had a small win on the Premium Bonds, I thought I´d send her away for a couple of days to relax and recover for her recent hectic period of hard work. (The win was very small, and happened after I had booked the place, but it´s a good line).

A couple of luxury hotels and spas were mentioned, around Malaga or La Manga, but eventually, at their insistence, they settled upon Casa Joya, a small B&B and restaurant located in the hills below Velez Rubio.

Apart from the three apartments, they also have a restaurant called “Simply Eating”. It´s run by a former top London Chef, James Rice, and his wife, Mary. They also have a daughter, “Sponge Bob”, whose name escapes me but I am assured she is a lovely 15 year old who helps out around the restaurant.

All three apartments are apparantly very well appointed, albeit without a/c. Apparantly this is because they are at the end of a 10km electric line and they have quite a few power cuts. However, they do have central heating and it appears the place would be wonderful and romantic in the winter.

The food, I am told (remember, I didn´t go there!) was “most pleasent”, which, coming from the Mater, is high praise.  The restaurant is by “appointment only”; but is busy most days. Despite the 2.5km dirt track you have to traverse to reach the place. Read their blog for some funny stories about picking up clients when it´s raining.

In short, a happy couple of days were spent there, and I was asked to pass on the parents recommendation.

Casa Joya.
El Cabezo De,
La Losilla Nr 26,
Velez Rubio 04820,

4 Replies to “Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)”

  1. David,
    I urge you to try Casa Joya for yourself and then I am sure you will award it top marks. In my opinion 3/5 is a very poor reflection on the top class food, friendliness and ambiance that makes us return at least 6 or 7 times a year.
    In my opinion the only place in Almeria where you are guaranteed quality without paying through the nose.

  2. Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?”,’

  3. I have eaten at Casa Joya too at some friends’ recommendations. My first thoughts were the food has to be bloody good for one to come up into the hills and it certainly is. I would even bet anyone to find any place in a 200 or more kms that will even come closer to Casa Joya for qualith and value for money. The food the ambiance the service and more is all top notch.
    @ Isaac I didn`t know about sponge bob I shall keep an eye on signs of it gayness.

  4. A friend who has loads of time for digging old posts on her hands send me this link and I must admit I fell off the chair at the comment “Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?” by Isaac Harrison. My first thought was its always the case! the parents are the last to know then realised that the there is a comedy by that name.

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