An overview of the POTALA – Annex 1

It is worth commenting on a few points that have been raised about the POTALA. There are a number of rumours -correct and wrong- floating around in the English language press about it, and for lack of anything else to do I may as well try to set them right, as based on my understanding from local Spanish press, government bullitins and press releases. 1.- The POTALA is set in stone. The POTALA is an Continue reading An overview of the POTALA – Annex 1

Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)

´Twas Maters birthday. I promised to make no jokes about this year, so that is all I shall say on the annual event. However, seeing as I had a small win on the Premium Bonds, I thought I´d send her away for a couple of days to relax and recover for her recent hectic period of hard work. (The win was very small, and happened after I had booked the place, but it´s a good Continue reading Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)

Almeria Airport starts new handicapped assistance scheme

AENA, the state owned operating company of Almeria Airport, has implemented a new handicapped assistance scheme at the airport for its passengers. As opposed to the old system, where if you were lucky a stewardess would give you a hand down the stairs to the tarmac. As long as you book 48 hours before travel, you can now receive 100% assistance from the drop off point to your plane seat, or vice versa. They’ll even Continue reading Almeria Airport starts new handicapped assistance scheme

More cops, more speed traps

Summer has arrived along with another bunch of the boys in light green from the Benemérita. Almería gets the lion portion of new Guardia Civil recruits from the current promotion, 81 in all, which brings the total Guardia numbers up to 1100 across the province. Heavens only knows what they’re all doing, surveying up in the Almanzora valley no doubt. And, no doubt making use of the boot of the lorry they shipped them in, Continue reading More cops, more speed traps