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I always enjoy flipping through the local periodicals, and one of my highlights is always the “letters” section. I always enjoy spotting the obvious letter extolling the periodical in question which has been written by the editor, or the editors best friend. And a paper that has no letters page is usually returned to the pile in favour of one that does.

However, recently they all appear to have been taken over by a group of small minded little englanders who only don’t put their alias as “disgusted from Denia” because they have no imagination. They seem to whinge bitterly about almost anything, whether it be problems in the UK (hello? I don’t care that you got stopped smuggling cigs into the UK Mr Bennett! (Costa Almeria news this week).), or things they don’t understand in Spain.

Letters about abandoned animals, graffiti, etc I don’t mind. But why do the editors insist upon publishing letters that are, upon occasions, absolute tripe? I may well set up a website where every week we replicate all the letters from the different newspapers, and people can go and rate them. That should show the editors what we want to read. And I shan’t bother including the tripe from the Euro Weekly.

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  1. I always try and slip a home-made letter into The Entertainer (you knew that anyway), but, my feeling is that an editor should let the readers have the last word on a particular subject. No ‘Mrs Ed’ snappy comebacks in a proper newspaper…
    It’s true though – what’s the point writing a letter to an ‘English-language Spanish newspaper’ about what’s going on in Britain?
    Worse still – half the newspapers and magazines here don’t get any letters (essentially – feedback) to their ‘editors’ at all! Which must go to prove something

  2. Hi Dave, Mark Adkinson here, from up North in Galicia, I sell houses here to expats and I can tell you that the ones who come here are integrating 100% learning the language and working with the locals. No whinging, sometimes some of the Spanish ways are amusing to them sometimes my clients ways are to the Spaniards. I’ve been here 36 years now and am more Spanish than British. One other thing, I decided some time ago not to sell to anybody that I wouldn’t have as my own nieghbour. Nice people and those who want to integrate- welcome. The rest don’t bother here. It isn’t little England. We only have 1500 British in a population of 3,000,000.
    All the best

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