Restaurant La Parata, Mojacar Playa

This review is depreciated. John and Ann have moved to Restaurante La Fantasia on Mojácar Playa. La Parata is, of course, still open but now owned by someone else.

Many, many, many years ago, La Parata was the benchmark for expat food in the area. John in the kitchen serving up exquisite delights, Anne out front with the family making you feel at home.

It’s a strange location, as it’s right up in the hills above the playa and (a few inside tables next to the window excepting) doesn’t have any views of the sea. Instead, the outside patio has views of the swimming pool and the mountains. But it’s a wonderful view of the mountains. I like mountains. Give me a mountain any day over the med. Full of interest and wonder. Just watch out for the ants from the olive tree that dominates the outside patio.

When John & Anne took off, enjoying a well earned break and an opportunity to try other things, it pottered along under different owners until, about 10 months ago, it came to halt and closed the doors. Indifferent food, a decaying décor and a long trek to get to it had called a close.

So imagine my wonder when it reached my ears that John & Anne (after being gazumped on a busy restaurant on the playa) had managed to reacquire the premises. And had redecorated in a tasteful and pleasing to the eye style. Didn’t take me long to start sniffing around, I can tell you.

Fair enough, we had just been to a funeral service. So we were (in July) dressed up to the nines with black tie and somber suits. Surrounded by people in shorts.

The head waitress who acts as maitre’d is somewhat formidable. No mucking around with the menu there, I can tell you. You get the menu, you get the explanation, if you behave yourself you get a smile. Fair enough.

The menu is small and well thought out. Lots of homemade stuff, fresh veg and food hot from the oven. The menu would be best described as international a la carte, British pub style. I had the Chicken Kiev, twas delicious and home made. Same went for the cod ‘n’ chips. The garlic mushrooms I had for starters were lovely, but not enough garlic for my liking.

Well worth a visit. The menu is well thought out and well maintained. They do stop serving food at 22.00 which is a bit of pain for late diners like myself. The restaurant can go from an informal dinner for two to a large formal dinner party. I like it, I shall return, and I shall recommend it.

Approximately half way along the front (Mojacar Playa) between the Hotel Indalo and the Parque Comercial you will find a new roundabout  opposite the Equestrian Centre.   Take the road leading up to La Parata Mountain for approximately 2 km until you pass a water wheel on your left-hand side. After the water wheel there is a steep incline in the road and 150 metres further you will see Bar La Parata/Restaurante El Cortijo on your left just before the large swimming pool.
Bar Restaurant La Parata.
Mojacar Playa, Mojacar restaurant, Almeria.
950 478 186

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  2. La Parata is now owned by Shay, a lovely Irishman and the food is fabulous, the service is very welcoming and friendly. We have been in a few times over the last 2/3 years and am never disappointed.

  3. La Parata has to be the best restaurant for miles around , lovely warm atmosphere , Shea and to staff always make you feel special and the food is amazing. ( and the pina colados ).

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