Chinese Restaurant Turre

Hmm… How to put this?

Well, it’s dreadful. Soggy, over cooked food 100% of the time. Service is atrocious. Last time I was in there two of the staff had a slanging match between themselves in the middle of the restaurant. Food takes ages, which as it tastes as if it’s been heated up in a microwave I can’t understand why. Only reason it’s still going (IMHO) is because they must have rich investors. And clients with no tastebuds.

And it’s not just me who says this. Try it, you’ll agree with me. Worth going just to see if the staff are going to have a fight.

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  1. Oh, I disagree. We think it’s ok in there. I love their Spring Rolls and Chicken on sticks in Satay Sauce.
    My husband likes the Beef Curry and 3 delicious fried rice.

    We have had slow service sometimes, but then this is Spain and everything is slow to us.

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