Construction of 600 VPO suspended in Turre

The construction of 600 homes (including 400 council houses, or VPOs as they’re known in Turre) that were going next to the cementery (next to Fuentemora, or Rickys Bar as you might know it) has been suspended “pending the fixing of a few small problems with the plan” according to the Junta.

Rumour (from a chap I know who works in the town hall) has it that they’re trying to sell the last few luxury flats above and beside it before filling in the rest of the space with high density council flats.

2 Replies to “Construction of 600 VPO suspended in Turre”

  1. Yeah they ruined the view from Ricky’s terrace and now its not even being completed by the look of it. Just an empty concrete shell.

  2. Actually, those aren’t the VPOs. They will be built behind that lot. That was going to be another ugly apartment block. Of course, since it will sit there for 10 years the supports will rust away and it will have to be knocked down then.

    But you’re right about the spoilt view. Next time I’m in there, you can send me a beer down 🙂

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