Mojacar Magazine

The latest issue of what has to be the oddest looking website in Almeria is out.

Featuring such interesting snippets as a bio for “Dodge” Ric Polansky, “A history of Tapas”, “Spanish Petrol Scam” and more!

Actually, this is one website that gets to me; if only they would publish it in a proper web format instead of “straight from print”, with the effort they put into it they could make it quite a success. Add some vertical online advertising (adwords, doubleclick, maybe amazon and few others) to monitise the web space and with the classifieds you could have a decent income from it each month. Instead they insist on putting it online in this dratted print format, so lots of scrolling and clicking around the page to see where they put the link, lots of backwards linking because you can’t remember the page number of the article, etc. I must write to Ian and complain.

(As an aside, the “Spanish Petrol Scam” he seems annoyed about on Page 4 doesn’t, on face value, seem any different then Europcar or Hertz petrol policy. But yes, it’s a pain having to refill the tank if you don’t use all of it!)

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  1. I made the very point to Ian. A webpage, unlike a printed page, can be any size you want. War and Peace on page two and a nice pair of boobies on the following page.

  2. I bothered to read this months and the last one. Takes a while to scroll around, but im not rushing.
    I enjoy your site too Mr Jackson.

  3. I have been following this ‘up and coming’ magazine for a while now and I have to say that I am impressed with what they have achieved.

    Initially the design was rather clunky and you had to scroll left and right to view the pages but recent editions have addressed the problem.

    I understand that the magazine is web based only but I would like to say that if it were printed it would be one of the best magazines in Almeria.

    Content is good, as is design and there is always an amusing edge to it aswell.

    From what I can gather there are only a couple of people involved which is astonishing…. keep up the brilliant work!

  4. Never seen any boobies on Lenox’s site! (nor war and peace come to that though Sergio is pretty heavy going sometimes!)

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