An example of internet rumours that are wrong

I was looking up the life of Mestrius Plutarch, the greek historian, and this is what google returned: Greek biographer who wrote Parallel Lives (46?-120 AD)   (Lucius?) Mestrius Plutarchus (Greek: Πλούταρχος; c. 46 AD – 120 AD), better known in English as Plutarch, was a Greek historian, biographer, essayist, and Middle Platonist. …   A Greek biographer who wrote “parallel” lives of famous Romans and Greeks.   Greek biographer; his Parallel Continue reading An example of internet rumours that are wrong

Went to Arrecife… ended up in Bodrum

A family who were bound for a week’s holiday in Lanzarote are back home after a check-in desk mix-up meant they caught a flight to Turkey instead. The Corays, from Llanishen, Cardiff, had booked an all-inclusive holiday with First Choice in a five-star hotel in the Canary Islands and were supposed to be flying into Arrecife, Lanzarote. Last resort – the family are now booked on an alternative holiday But instead they found themselves in Continue reading Went to Arrecife… ended up in Bodrum

Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha)

Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha restaurant) For a quick business lunch, we popped by Chiringuito Espigon in Garrucha for fish. It’s the first one on the beach in front of the castle as you enter from Mojacar. Espigon Restaurant has been around for a while now. Funny story – the owner once commented to the old Meus Pater that it was cheaper for him to leave the whole edifice standing over the winter and pay the fine to Continue reading Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha)

Mojacar Magazine

The latest issue of what has to be the oddest looking website in Almeria is out. Featuring such interesting snippets as a bio for “Dodge” Ric Polansky, “A history of Tapas”, “Spanish Petrol Scam” and more! Actually, this is one website that gets to me; if only they would publish it in a proper web format instead of “straight from print”, with the effort they put into it they could make it quite a Continue reading Mojacar Magazine