Mojacar to remove free parking spaces

A leaked communique from Mojacar town hall is causing uproar, as it mentions removing a vast number of the current free car parking spaces in order to force more people to use the new pay parking block being built on the old football field.

The town hall insists it won’t be more than “about 50”, and make vague references about it being necessary to repaint the roads to make for a smoother driving experience. The opposition claim that it will be closer to 300, which seeing as the new car park has 400 spaces means it won’t make much of a difference. They also got rid of a large unofficial parking space when they built it in the football field which was used for this purpose on the weekends.

The original agreement with the construction company was to remove the free spaces in front of the school, but apparantly all spaces from the cementery to the catering school will go, with the exception of a few in front of the medical centre. Which means we will all be doing a lot of walking, or paying quite a bit, if we want to visit Mojacar pueblo.

The town hall reminds us that Mojacar is getting a free nursery along with the car park, which to me doesn’t seem like the ideal place for one.

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