22 Restaurant, Mojacar Playa

Restaurant 22, Parque Comercial Mojacar Playa Restaurant

22 restaurant is a restaurant on Mojacar Playa I’ve meant to visit on a number of occasions, thwarted each time by the fact that it was closed. After being confronted with a “closed for private party” notice on the Friday, we returned the Saturday after an exhausting couple of margaritas on the beach.

Funny story about the beach bar we were in, which shall be nameless: “Do you have crisps?” I enquired of the waiter. “Yes sir”. “Packet of crisps then. Salt and vinegar”.

And what did he bring but plain crisps, and a cruet of salt and vinegar. I wouldn’t mind so much but he had to reach past the s&v crisps to reach the plain ones. Next time I shall order in English.

22 has a nice outside terrace, split into two levels, and with some cunning looking shades that they obviously draw across on temperate days. Good job too, it’s tiny inside. Lots of steps, although I assume they could open the top doors for wheelchair users. I quite liked it. Some swine had filled the (unisex) sink full of pebbles from the beach, which means you can’t wash your hands properly, but at least it was sparkling.

The views from the terrace are lovely. It’s a calm shady terrace, lots of fans, and you have an interesting view of the mountains behind Mojacar Playa, which is different and nice.

The menu is complex and interesting. One of those menus that could go either way, either delicious or rather nasty. Fortunately, it’s more delicious then nasty.

Apart from the standard menu they also have a large specials blackboard with that weeks special dishes. Since I was seated directly under the blackboard this meant I couldn’t see what they were. Luckily the waitress was somewhat friendly and explained them all to us. Indeed, throughout the whole meal the staff were some of the friendliest I’ve ever met, almost verging on the annoying as they continually asked if everything was OK. If it had been just one the ratio would have been all right, but since there were two we had to go through everything twice.

L had the goats cheese on toasted pineapple, I forget what I had. For main course, I had the Mojito Lamb on a bed of rice (a shank of lamb cooked in a Mojito, which was both different, alcoholic and delicious), L had the beef on a bed of cous cous. To finish, an almond meringue with berry sauce and Baileys coffee. I can’t remember how much it was, nor if they charged the correct amount of IVA as they kept the bill “as the boss insists so he can check up on it later”. Fair enough. I didn’t like to ask them for a copy. ‘Twas about €80. Not bad.

Restaurant 22 is unusual in that it claims to speak Spanish, and proudly says so on the sign attached to the front door. I like that. More restaurants in Spain should speak Spanish. If you want to see photos of it, I suggest checking out their website at www.22mojacar.com as their photos are much better then the ones I took.

22 Restaurant,
2nd floor, Parque Comercial Mojacar
LUNCH: 12.00 – 3.30 pm
DINNER: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Reservations: (0034) 950 473 058

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  1. I visisted 22 in Mojacar having read your review and moving to Mojacar. The restaurant was pretty much as described but the food is exceptional, as is the value and service. I have been many times since moving to Mojacar with many friends and family and have never had anyhting otherr than a wonderful time. Their menu del dia is outsanding value at just €9.95 for 3 courses, but do pay the extra for the dessert upgrade just heavenly! We often have the menu del noche at night our bill last week for 4 adults all having a 3 course menu del noche including 2 bottle of a good house wine was €100.00!! I only hope that they continue to recieve the support they deserve through the current climate because I know many people whos holidays and celebrations just would not be the same without them. 22 is special because they care, the food is fabulous and the value is great. If you havent been go and if you havent been for a while go again…this gem needs to stay in Mojacar and I for one would be unbearably depressed not knowing that their Nachos, Red Thai Beef, Cajun Chicken Ceaser Salad, Roast Lamb, Chocolate Brownie, Mars Bar Ice Cream Pie to name just a few of my favourites weren’t around anymore and did I mention they are really good people who deserve to do well and no I am not related or a friend I just love the place. Contact them on 0034 950 473 058

  2. The food at 22 is amazing and the staff very friendly. We visit everytime we visit Mojacar (4 to 5 times a year) and the food and service is consistantly good. Also we have celebrated birthdays there and the table will be decorated and you get a candle in your dessert. Please give it a try you will definately return time and time again.

  3. I was on holiday this week with a couple of friends and we went to restaurant 22 as we had read good reviews of it. A couple of times it was closed. We finally found it open at just gone 8pm and on arriving smelt strong disinfectant and a lady busy at work who said are we looking to have dinner. We said no just a bite to eat as we were not very hungry. We were seated and noticed there were no other diners, and ordered drinks. We were given these, then the menu. We then were met by a very surly man who asked what we wanted and when we gave our order of 3 starters he said was that all and when we said yes, said ‘we are not a snack bar’. We had already started our drinks and we said we would not be eating there then and can we have the bill. He then came back 2 mins later and said ‘on second thoughts he would permit us eat there! We repeated we would not be eating there as we would not consider it after his attitude. There were no other diners in the place and his attitude was very rude, and to come back and say on second thoughts and with not even an apology was beyond belief. The drinks (2 beers and a white wine) were 10 euros; about twice the price of elsewhere.The starters were 7 euros approx each also more than average starter prices. I hope they go out of business as they deserve to.

  4. I don’t normally review restaurants but I have just come back from Mojacar after a weeks holiday to find my families favourite resturant 22 – closed. The owners like the rest of Mojacar, as a response I presume to the lack of flights, economic downturn etc. have closed for 2 months over the winter. Now I know most restaurants close out of season but 22 never have in 7 years and arrogantly we did not think to check. So I am writing this review in support of them. Our holiday was distininctly the poorer for not enjoying the amazing food, value and service that they offer. They are a restaurant they don’t to just drinks and we are very glad of that. The view and atmosphere in the place is so great that when they used to offer a drink service the place was full of tables nursing one drink all night and those of us who wanted to eat couldn’t. There are hundreds of bars, cafes and places to drink in Mojacar but there is only one 22!! We usually go at lunch time the menu del dia is just 9.95 – theres 3 courses its fresh fabulous and none of that a la plancha crap you get elsewhere. The upgarde for any extra 2.50 to an a la carte dessert is well worth it and a huge quality glass of wine is just 3.00!!! Its great value. Yes you can get cheaper….but you get what you pay for. The place is great – we really missed it – go see them they like all the good restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses neeed our support. A holiday without 22 is not one I or my family want to repeat.

  5. A word to the wise! Don`t go near EATZ Diner… The food is rubbish! Its beside the sands pub in mojacar…

  6. 22 is the family’s favourite restaurant.

    As we have a place here we visit as many times as we can when out in Mojacar.Fabulous food and lovely people.

  7. The first thing to say is find out where it is and go, you will NOT be disappointed.
    My wife Bernie and I are going back to Mojacar on 7th-17th Sept 2010 for the 4th year in succession. Restaurant 22 is one of only 2 restaurants we visit each year on alternate evenings, (La Cabana being the other). The food at 22 is just marvellous, the views are lovely and most of all, we have become known by the staff as our visits increase each year. As stated by other reviewees, they are all very friendly,polite and courteous, for some this may well be annoying but we love it,they will bend over backwards to meet your needs as best they can,qualities that sadly are in decline back in the UK in my opinion. For example, my wife drinks Southern Comfort, cant usually find it in Mojacar but last year we arrived on our 1st night and they brought over an unsealed bottle of ‘South’ just because they knew we were comming back again…thats what I mean when I say their caring nature is fantastic. You are not just another customer, they genuinely care even if its your 1st and only ever visit to them. As you can guess, we are very complimentary about the restaurant in every respect, are not related in anyway to any of them, just independant but very satisfied customers each year, the UK could do a lot more to match their customer service.
    See you all again in 2 weeks !!!! and counting.

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