Contemporary Art of Almeria exhibition

According to a press release I just got…   PROGRAM OF CONTEMPORARY ART OF ALMERIA PROVINCE.   Starting the project ITINERARTE 2008, supported by the Junta de Andalucía, the Museum Pedro Gilabert invites you to the inauguration of the exhibition “New Technologies”, on 17th of July, at 9pm. Best Regards.   MUSEO PEDRO GILABERT PLAZA PEDRO GILABERT, S/N 04660 – ARBOLEAS, ALMERIA TEL: 950634521  PROGRAMA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO DE LA PROVINCIA DE ALMERÍA.   Comienza el Continue reading Contemporary Art of Almeria exhibition

Mojacar to remove free parking spaces

A leaked communique from Mojacar town hall is causing uproar, as it mentions removing a vast number of the current free car parking spaces in order to force more people to use the new pay parking block being built on the old football field. The town hall insists it won’t be more than “about 50”, and make vague references about it being necessary to repaint the roads to make for a smoother driving experience. The Continue reading Mojacar to remove free parking spaces

22 Restaurant, Mojacar Playa

Restaurant 22, Parque Comercial Mojacar Playa Restaurant 22 restaurant is a restaurant on Mojacar Playa I’ve meant to visit on a number of occasions, thwarted each time by the fact that it was closed. After being confronted with a “closed for private party” notice on the Friday, we returned the Saturday after an exhausting couple of margaritas on the beach. Funny story about the beach bar we were in, which shall be nameless: “Do you Continue reading 22 Restaurant, Mojacar Playa