Another flippin golf course opens

That fetid corrupted mass of quickly bunged up, overpriced concrete blocks called Playa Macenas is proudly announcing that it is opening it’s golf course and sports club (the 9th golf course in this area, BTW) on Saturday. And closing it in the winter, when the long overdue Gota Fria washes it all out to sea, no doubt.

They are also trumpeting on about the first few fools who have brought there, they recently received the keys to their apartments. I wonder by how much their mortgage exceeds the current value of the homes?

I’m not sure if they’ve started work on the “five star hotel” yet, if you remember they did have to move it because it was built on a beach (same as the Algarrobico). The plans in the town hall says that they will have two commercial centres and a sports centre, but no sign of them yet and they’re not mentioned on the website.

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  1. Hi David , how out of touch can you be. The golf course opened on july 12th and the WESTIN is 25% on its way up. The development is a major boost for the area, and will benifit everybody.
    I,m one of the mugs that has bought there and if the completed complex is as successfull as their La Manga project we will all be very happy,on my return join me for a game of golf and judge for yourself

  2. If you’d bothered to look at the post date you’d notice that this was posted on the 10th of July.

    As an aside, in the early 90´s the first Macenas project was vetoed because they weren’t allowed to build there until they had walled off the rambla, estimated cost over 100M pts. Whole place is prone to flash floods. Course, when you’ve got some politicians investing in you little things like that tend to get swept under the carpet. Older Spaniards can remember 40 years ago when the whole river bed was 6 foot under water, came down like a torrent!

    I would love to join you for a game of golf there, but since it would take me about 2 hours to get there through what will be Southern Spains largest traffic jam…. Probably quicker to get there through Carboneras!

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